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Medicare Advisors Can Assist You in Choosing a Long-term Care Residence

Medicare Advisors Can Assist You in Choosing a Long-term Care Residence

If you are helping a senior parent make a decision on long-term care options, you need to speak to an advisor who is experienced in this realm. This advisor should be well-versed in Medicare as well.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

According to Medicare advisors, who support long-term care needs and are familiar with continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), seniors have several options. For example, CCRCs offer various types of housing and different levels of care.

In one part of a community, individual apartments may be provided for seniors to live on their own, while an assisted living facility may be available for people who require help with their daily care. If seniors need a higher level of care, a nursing home facility may be available in the same community.

Medicare Will Not Cover Long-term Nursing Home Stays

In this setting, a senior can move from one level to the next based on his or her individual needs, while still residing in the CCRC. To better understand your options in this respect, you need to learn more from Medicare advisors. Normally Medicare does not cover a long-term stay in a nursing home. However, Medicare is still used to pay for hospital care, medical supplies, or physician services while a senior resides in a nursing facility.

You can also find out more about long-term living options for your elderly loved one by checking their long-term care insurance policy – that is, if he or she has one. Call the insurance company and ask what specifically is covered before you contact a counselor at a facility such as Oasis Senior Advisors.

Does Your Parent Have a Long-term Care Policy?

Often, long-term insurance policies cover both non-skilled and skilled care. While some policies only support nursing home care, other plans cover a large range of long-term services, including home care, assisted living, or adult day care.

Who to Contact for Advice

By speaking to Medicare advisors or senior counselors, you can establish care and address the residential needs of your elderly parent or loved one. See what benefits you may be overlooking by contacting a counselor today. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.