Nose Job Chicago: 7 Things To Know Before You Go Ahead

Nose Job Chicago: 7 Things To Know Before You Go Ahead

Surgery can fix a broken nose. If you Rhinoplasty Surgery in Chicago, read on to know what you can expect.

It can improve your breathing

A nose job changes the shape of your nose, allowing for better passage of air through your nostrils. This can improve the way you breathe air in and out of your nose.

It boosts your confidence

Done right, a nose job can improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence. This is especially true if your nose was broken in an accident or traumatic event and you’re looking forward to the surgery to restore your appearance.

You must discontinue your medication

Stop taking medication like vitamin E, herbal supplements and more before and after the surgery. If you’re not sure if the medication you’re taking is allowed or not, talk to your surgeon beforehand.

You need a good surgeon

Look for a board-certified and competent surgeon to perform the rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago. Finding and engaging the services of a doctor with the right qualifications and skills mean you won’t have to worry about less-than-stellar results. You also suffer fewer complications and enjoy a faster recovery.

It won’t be painful

Your surgeon will use anesthetics and modern techniques to ensure the procedure is painless. However, during recovery, you may experience a bit of discomfort. You will have bruising, ThoughtCatalog says. Expect some swelling after the surgery as well.

You will need a splint

Depending on the surgery done, you may end up requiring a splint inside your nose or some nasal packing that your doctor will remove, usually after one week. Your nasal breathing will start to normalize by then.

You will need rest

Before you undergo a nose job, make sure you take the time out to rest. Don’t exert yourself with heavy housework or exercise.

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