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Obstetrical Care And Childbirth: How Your Obstetrician Can Help

Obstetrical Care And Childbirth: How Your Obstetrician Can Help

Women already know that it is important to seek Obstetrical Care early in a pregnancy. The information offered by a health care provider can be valuable throughout the experience. As the pregnancy carries on, parents can learn more about the health of the baby, the health of the mother, and talk about the various testing available. But, the job of an obstetrician doesn’t stop there. Once the process of childbirth begins, it is important to look to him or her for assistance as things progress.


First-time moms have an especially tough time figuring out if their labor has actually begun. Unless their water breaks, many aren’t sure if the contractions they are feeling are actually signs that childbirth is around the corner or if the body is continuing to prepare itself. At a regularly scheduled appointment, a physician can help a patient understand what the body is doing and provide insight into when it is time to head to the hospital. This peace of mind is priceless for first-time parents that aren’t sure how the experience is going to play out.

Pain Management

Conversations between doctors and patients about pain management usually take place before childbirth. Patients think about their ideal situation and let the physician know if they are interested in any kind of pain medication. However, the obstetrician is available to make decisions about pain management once labor begins. While some begin the process without any medication, many choose to opt for something along the way to help with the process. The obstetrician knows the patient, her health concerns, and her ideal situation, and can work to find the best possible solution for the pain.

Dealing With Issues

There are times when childbirth is not going as it should. Sometimes, the labor isn’t moving fast enough, causing problems for the baby and the mother. In these situations, a physician will help determine whether or not inducing a woman will help. He or she will also determine the best method for inducing. Other times, either before labor begins or during the process of labor, a doctor will determine if a cesarean section is a better option for the health and well-being of the baby and the mother.

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