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Options In Ankle Pain Treatment Strongsville, OH

Options In Ankle Pain Treatment Strongsville, OH

There are many different injuries and conditions that can result in ankle pain. Unfortunately, many of the do-it-yourself treatment options used by athletes, individuals, or even coaches are not designed to specifically address the cause of the pain and injury.

To make matters more complicated, many older adults in and around Strongsville, OH, have multiple injuries to their ankles, resulting in a higher risk for re-injury as they age. The same is true for athletes at any level, and in particular, with repetitive injuries that were not allowed to correctly heal before returning to the sport. For these individuals, chronic types of ankle pain may be seen as normal or unavoidable without surgery.

Physical Therapy and Manual Therapy

Both physical therapy and manual therapy can be extremely effective as an ankle pain treatment Strongsville OH for both acute and chronic pain issues. Treatment by exercising and focusing on areas of dysfunction in the joint can help to build up the muscles and address the source of the pain.

When there is a lack of mobility combined with pain, manual therapy or joint manipulation is often recommended as an ankle pain treatment Strongsville OH. This is beneficial in stimulating tissue healing and reducing inflammation and movement limitations with both chronic and acute injuries.

Dry needling can be used as a treatment option for chronic ankle pain treatment Strongsville OH. It targets scar tissue and inflammation in the joint that creates a response in the body to breakdown scar tissue while also providing natural pain relievers to the area.

Corrective exercise can also support muscle healing and increased mobility. Working with an experienced physiotherapist ensure the correct treatment is used to address joint and ankle pain.

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