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Orthopedic Specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah: Tips for Prevention

Orthopedic Specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah: Tips for Prevention

It’s no secret that accidents happen. You can fall down the stairs and break a hip or leg, be involved in a car accident, or anything in between. But orthopedic specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah insist that many of the conditions they see are often preventable.

Here are three of the most common injuries and the steps that you can take to prevent them.

Back Strains

This is one of the most common injuries that orthopedic specialists come across. Be it trying to help a friend move, playing your favorite activity, or simply making a sudden movement, back strains happen and they are painful. They’re called lumbar strains and are extremely easy to prevent. All you must do is simply lift heavy objects by bending at the knees and keep your back straight. And remember that if it feels too heavy to lift, it is too heavy to lift.

ACL Tears

This is the injury that keeps orthopedic specialists in business and affects athletes of all ages: an ACL tear. The ACL is one of the four main ligaments in the knee and when it sustains a tear, it typically requires months and months of rehabilitation. One of the best ways to prevent this injury is to practice proper stretching before exercise and after exercise.


A bunion is the result of the gradual shifting out of alignment of bone structure along the front of the foot. It is usually described by orthopedic specialists as a “bump” on the side of the big toe and is usually an extremely painful condition that makes it difficult to walk. Bunions are more often found in women due to their more constrictive footwear. The simple fix would be to avoid wearing any shoes that pinch around the toe area, don’t fit properly, or have high heels.

While not all orthopedic conditions are preventable, many such as the ones mentioned above can be prevented by taking cautious measures whenever possible. Click here to learn more about preventing orthopedic injuries.