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Outpatient Treatments, Visit in Minneapolis

If a residential program is not an option, there are outpatient treatments available in Minneapolis. Outpatient care is a cost-effective way of making sure those affected by substance abuse receive the proper support. An outpatient program can last for up to 21 weeks and is made up of morning or evening sessions. Each session is around three hours and are held three to four times a week.


Outpatient treatment offers individualized care and customized programs based on abstinence. These make sure clients in Minneapolis have access to high-quality rehabilitation services. Clients are then lead through a series of recovery principles using educational and therapeutic techniques. The philosophy of care focuses on client-centered activities to support men and women suffering from substance abuse. A holistic approach takes mental health into account. Clients are evaluated every week and treatment is adjusted according to individual progress.


Outpatient care is divided into a program for men and a program for women concerned with substance abusers suffering from dual disorders. For each group there are day, evening, and family programs. Outpatient treatment also offers a recovery maintenance program to ensure clients start a sustainable and long-term rehabilitation. There are three phases to an outpatient recovery program, starting with an exploratory phase which moves onto growth and culminates in empowerment and recovery maintenance.


Multi-disciplinary teams of staff are integrated across the facility to provide quality outpatient care. Staff includes highly skilled, licensed physicians, psychiatrists, and alcohol and drug counselors. There’s also a designated chef and dedicated dietician to promote healthy lifestyle habits and form good routines for outside of the facility. A yoga instructor encourages clients to take more control over their mental and physical well-being using specific techniques applicable to a normal daily life. The appropriate members of staff consult daily to ensure each case is regularly reviewed and individual details are smoothly coordinated and orchestrated.

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