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Painless Knee Replacement Surgery in Hoffman Estates

Painless Knee Replacement Surgery in Hoffman Estates

When your knees constantly hurt, it might be time to consider a knee replacement in Hoffman Estates. A knee replacement may be recommended to you if you have tried conservative treatments such as wearing a brace, going to physical therapy, applying heat and ice and getting cortisone injections.

Today’s knee replacements are much different than the knee replacements that were performed a generation ago. Thanks to medical technology advances, the incisions for a knee replacement are small. This means less pain and a shorter recovery time. Smaller incisions also mean that it takes less time to get back on your feet and progress through the physical therapy that will help you to get back to your usual activities.

People of all ages come to us for knee replacements. We help people who have experienced an injury as young athletes in football, track, tennis and other sports. We also work with people who have arthritis in their knees. If you have a disorder of the cartilage or any other issue affecting your knee joint, a replacement may be the right solution for you.

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful orthopedic surgeries. We have performed thousands of these surgeries on satisfied patients. You may be able to take a walk with your friend or partner without having to ice your knee or take an anti-inflammatory drug afterward. Your dog may be happier, since you will be able to take more long walks outdoors. Standing, going up and down stairs and doing many other activities will be less troublesome after you have a knee replacement.

To learn more about the options for a knee replacement in Hoffman Estates, give us a call at Giletis Orthopedics.