How To Pay For A Visit To An Emergency Clinic in Maui

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Healthcare

Not having the financial means to pay for a trip to the emergency room can leave a person, or even an entire family, burdened with financial debt for years to come. It can even cause some to go bankrupt. While paying for a trip to an Emergency Clinic in Maui is sometimes easier said than done, there are steps one can take to make the situation a bit easier. Here are some of the top tips to follow as recommended by consumer advocates.

Call Ahead

Look online or in the phone book for listings of all of the hospitals and emergency clinics in the general area of where home is. This way, the person can ask in advance if they accept the particular insurance the person is covered by. While most hospitals and emergency clinics accept all insurance plans, some may be considered in-network while others are considered out-of-network. The amount the patient will have to pay out as a co-pay will be significantly lower if the clinic is in the insurance plan’s network. When calling, ask if the clinic offers a cash discount, many clinics in larger cities do.

Get A Piggy Bank

Start saving money a little bit at a time and set it aside for the times when there may be a medical emergency and a trip to an Emergency Clinic in Maui is needed. Some employers offer a flexible spending account, which almost all financial experts tout as a great way to save for unexpected emergencies and not be taxed on the amount which is deposited into the account. If the person does not have a flexible spending account option at work, they can open a savings account at their local bank or credit union and have money automatically transferred from their checking account to their savings account.

Be Realistic

In all honesty, if the injury is not life-threatening, a trip to the emergency room is probably not needed. The bill and subsequent payment needed will be much lower if an urgent care facility or scheduled appointment with a doctor is used. Industry estimates state that many emergency room visits are for non-life threatening conditions such as nausea or the flu. These conditions, while certainly unpleasant, can be taken care of at an urgent care clinic.

Visit the website for further information about payment options, conditions that warrant an emergency room visit and general services offered by the clinic. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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