Pet Health Experts in Timonium, MD Advocate FDA-cleared Laser Therapy

Pets today can heal more quickly and suffer less, thanks to the use of laser therapy. Laser therapy features benefits that pet owners cannot overlook. The advanced features of laser devices allow veterinarians to address a wide range of veterinary conditions in dogs and cats.

Laser Health Advantages

According to pet health experts in Timonium, MD, laser therapy benefits pets by providing some of the following health advantages:

* The promotion of tissue repair
* Improved wound healing
* Faster recovery times from nerve injuries
* A reduction in chronic pain, thus improving a pet’s quality of life
* Lessened pain from postherpetic neuralgia
* Reduced formation of scar tissue in muscle injuries
* Lessened pain from strains

Whether your dog or cat has a leg injury or needs arthritis treatment, a laser can be used by pet health experts to provide the needed relief. Specifically, K-Laser therapy is an FDA-cleared treatment that assists in the management of inflammation and pain while speeding up tissue regeneration. The energy from the laser draws water, nutrients, and oxygen to the injured site while enhancing circulation. In turn, optimal healing is achieved – healing that is represented by reduced levels of swelling, inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

Veterinary Conditions That Can Be Treated Using a Laser

According to pet health experts, a K-Laser can be used to treat the following veterinary conditions:

* Rhinitis or sinusitis in the area of the head
* Gingivitis, or periodontitis
* Bronchitis
* Arthritis, which usually affects the back
* Hip dysplasia, chronic hip pain, or lameness
* Tendonitis
* Cystitis or inflammatory bowel disease

The above sampling is a just a small example of how pets can benefit from laser care. If your dog or cat is suffering from a bite, fracture, sprain or strain, they can be treated with this amazing new advanced technology. You can find out more about laser treatments by going online and visiting the website of Sitename today.