Preparing Patients at Ketamine Infusion Treatment Centers in Kansas City

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Health

Talk therapy and prescription medications work for many patients who suffer from depression. However, patients who cannot benefit from these therapies need more intensive care to address their symptoms.

One of the available methods to overcome severe depression involves going to one of the ketamine infusion treatment centers in Kansas City. You can prepare yourself for your upcoming care by understanding what will occur once you are admitted to the facility.

IV Infusion

These treatment centers specialize in infusing or using intravenous lines to administer medications to patients. You will not be admitted to the facility and then given pills to take. Instead, you will be connected to IV lines that will introduce the medication that your doctor prescribes directly into your bloodstream.

During the time that you are connected to your IV, you will remain under constant supervision. You will have a team of nurses and doctors assigned to your care to ensure that you do not suffer ill side effects to the medication.

The treatment itself can take several hours to complete. You will remain in the facility until you are deemed stable enough to go home to recuperate. Your doctor will advise you to come back for checkups and more treatment as needed until your symptoms subside.

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