Professional Pet Care

Professional Pet Care

When you must travel on a business trip or a vacation, you will need dog boarding in Chicago. You can’t always count on your friends or neighbors to care for your beloved pet, but you can rely on the experts who work at a boarding facility. Each dog has its own kennel and bed where it can sleep or relax throughout the day or the night. In addition to receiving the best daily care with the right types of foods and grooming, the individuals who work at a pet care business can provide for your dog’s special needs such as giving it medications.

Have Your Pet’s Vaccination Records

If your pet requires dog boarding in Chicago, then you must plan ahead by having your animal’s vaccination records and information about its special needs. A boarding facility will not accept an animal that does not have the appropriate vaccinations for conditions such as rabies, distemper or parvovirus. In addition, your dog shouldn’t have any signs of having a parasitical infection such as roundworms or fleas. For the safety of other pets and caregivers, the dog must display the correct behavior by understanding certain commands.

Arrange Professional Care for Your Pet

During dog boarding in Chicago, your pet can receive additional services, including special baths and grooming. If you want your pet to learn a few tricks or commands, then you can request special training for your dog. While you are away relaxing and working, your dog can have a new experience while staying in a comfortable and safe environment. Professional pet care is available for a few hours or several weeks, depending on your requirements. Contact us at Chicago Canine Academy to learn more about our services, or you can visit our website.