Questions to Ask a Pet Clinic in Bethlehem

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Veterinarian

Your pet can get into a lot of trouble from time to time. Young pets, especially puppies, tend to get injured from being adventurous and excited. There are many ways to deal with this. Usually, you will call a vet clinic to talk with a professional about how to deal with the issues. There are also just some simple checkups and vaccinations that you need to schedule for your pet. Here are a few common questions that people have.

How Much Chocolate Is Too Much?

It’s well known that dogs cannot eat chocolate; their bodies cannot digest the different elements of chocolate and it can be very dangerous for them to eat chocolate. However, there is an amount of chocolate that is not too much. If your dog gets into some chocolate accidentally, you should call a pet clinic in Bethlehem. If it’s only a little bit of chocolate, you just need to make sure that your dog is well-hydrated. You also might want to put your dog outside because chocolate makes them hyperactive and can induce diarrhea.

The professionals at the Maple Hills Veterinary Hospital will let you know if you need to bring your dog in for monitoring. In most cases, it’s not necessary but it’s better to be safe.

What about Injuries?

In some cases, your pet might be injured. If your pet is injured from scratches or bites, you need to call a pet clinic. If you know which animal injured your pet, you are probably fine. If it’s another dog or cat from the neighborhood, it is likely okay. However, if it is a wild animal or if you do not know which animal it was, you need to take your pet to a clinic. He or she needs several preventative shots and treatment. Either way, you need to make sure that you keep the wounds clean.

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