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Questions to Help You Choose a Drug and Alcohol Detox Facility

Questions to Help You Choose a Drug and Alcohol Detox Facility

Seeking out professional help is important if you’re trying to beat back alcohol or drug addiction. If you aren’t sure what to look for, here are questions you’ll want to ask before you pick a rehab facility for drug and alcohol detox in Sacramento:

Short-term or long-term treatment?

There’s a standard 28-day drug rehab program for most facilities. However, this might not provide you with enough stability to stay clean and keep off the drugs for good. If you have severe addiction issues, it might be best to choose longer-term treatments. Some could last for about 6 months to a year.

What’s your goal?

Some treatment programs offer Suboxone or other types of drugs to reduce your addiction. The goal of this treatment isn’t to achieve sobriety, though, but to minimize the damage of drug abuse. If your goal is sobriety, though, you might need to look for other facilities for drug and alcohol detox in Sacramento.

What’s their method?

Different facilities often use different methods to alleviate the physical cravings that come during the course of the rehab program. Some might offer prescription medication to suppress the cravings while others might offer counseling and support meetings. It would depend entirely on you to determine which methods seem to work best on you or to look for other treatment options if the ones suggested to you don’t seem to be effective.

Is nutrition a part of the program?

Addicts are often in poor health as a result of prolonged alcohol or drug abuse. That’s why an excellent rehab facility often includes nutritional support for patients to repair whatever damage has resulted from the drugs or alcohol abuse. Also, patients in good health have a much better chance of withstanding withdrawal symptoms and at a successful recovery.

Get treatment. If you experience any of the symptoms in Medical News Today’s report, then use these questions to determine what kind of facility is right for you.