Reasons Employers Continue to Favor Pre-Hiring Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Health

Employers spend a great deal of money on drug testing for job applicants, even when the jobs have no real hazards associated with them. It’s understandable why an employer insists on pre-hiring testing and even routine testing for workers who operate heavy equipment or drive trucks. However, is there any real point to Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH for someone who will sit at a desk all day?

Most business owners and managers say there is. Research shows that testing does not turn up a very large percentage of users, but employers would generally like to avoid hiring people who do use illicit substances. Testing has found marijuana use to be the most common. Prescription pain medications, as well as amphetamines, also are relatively prevalent in the positive samples. Someone who tests positive for pain medicine, anti-anxiety drugs or amphetamines will need to verify that he or she holds a valid prescription for those drugs.

People who take pain or anti-anxiety medication without a prescription may be doing so for the sedating properties. In contrast, those who use amphetamines without a medical need to do so likely appreciate the sense of energy they get from those drugs. Unfortunately, sedation and excess energy are not valuable qualities in most workplace environments. Illicit amphetamine use can cause people to become irritable, aggressive and argumentative, and to have poor judgment. Marijuana can cause a hangover effect in some users that is more mentally debilitating than an alcohol hangover.

Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH has become a matter of routine for most jobs, but there are signs that some employers will phase out the activity unless the jobs pose some danger of an accident. A facility such as Eastside Urgent Care is available to test job candidates for occupations in which alertness, clear judgment and fast response time are essential for preventing injury. A few examples of those occupations include forklift drivers, roofing and painting contractors, and construction workers. Workers in industries with these occupations typically are strongly in favor of drug testing, as an impaired employee is a hazard to everyone on the job site.

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