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Reasons to go with Hair Transplant Above Other Methods

Male pattern baldness is something that affects millions of people, and it can start at any time in life. Even women experience the issue – though in smaller numbers. Even still, it’s an issue hair loss sufferers have tried to solve since ancient Egypt. After many years and many advancements, hair transplant procedures are now considered the most effective treatment for hair loss.

If you are suffering from hair loss near New Jersey and would like to do something about it, surgery may be a good option. Here are several reasons why hair transplants are a better alternative compared to other hair loss treatments:

No Medication Side Effects

Those researching hair transplants in New Jersey have probably looked at other, non-surgical treatments first. And why not? Shouldn’t these be safer than surgery? What you likely found was that many hair loss medications carry the risk of side effects. The two most common medication treatments carry the risk of sexual side effects like erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, and physical side effects like fat redistribution, low blood pressure, and rapid heart rate. While there are always risks involved with surgery and it should not be taken lightly, hair transplants do not carry the same side effect profile as medications.

Better Results

With a hair transplant procedure, actual hair is being taken from one part of the scalp and moved to the thinning or bald spots. This provides thick, natural results that simply cannot be obtained with other treatments. A typical procedure takes several hours in an out-patient setting, and after that the patient is done. No daily treatments, no filling prescriptions, no wondering. Just your own real, growing hair.

A Permanent Solution

A properly performed hair transplant in New Jersey will be permanent. The transplanted hair will not thin or “fall out” because it is taken from a specific area called the “safe donor region.” Follicles in this region are immune to the hair loss process, and will stay permanently after being transplanted from the donor (sides and back of the scalp) to the bald and thin areas.

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