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Recovering From an Injury: How Occupational Therapy in Madison, CT Can Help

Recovering From an Injury: How Occupational Therapy in Madison, CT Can Help

No one gets up in the morning with a plan to be injured in some sort of accident. They certainly don’t set a goal of spending weeks in the hospital followed by months of regaining their strength and mobility. Even so, this is the challenge that many people will face before the sun sets today. Knowing what Occupational Therapy in Madison CT can do to help the patient overcome injuries will go a long way toward keeping the spirits high during the recovery period.

Recapturing Lost Motor Skills

Depending on the nature of the injury, the patient may find that performing day-to-day tasks don’t come as easily as before. For example, injuries to the hands can make it difficult to grip objects. Think of how that impacts the ability to open a jar, hold a pencil, or pick up a glass of water. The right form of Occupational Therapy in Madison CT will help the patient regain the ability to grip objects with ease. While it may take weeks or even months based on how badly the hands were injured, the effort will pay off in a big way.

Learning to Walk Again

When the accident led to a long stay in the hospital, it’s only natural for the legs to become weak. That can make standing difficult and walking any distance almost impossible. With help from a therapist, it’s possible to regain the ability to walk. The therapy will start out slowly, using exercises that help to restore strength to the muscles. Little by little, the patient will find it easier to stand and walk with the aid of a cane or a walker. Over time, there will be no need for any type of adaptive equipment for walking. The patient will once again be able to walk and run without having to give the action any real thought.

Remember that the right approach to rehabilitation after an accident makes a huge difference. Visit  to learn more about how occupational therapy can make it possible to regain the abilities that were taken away by the accident. While the road will not be an easy one, the team of professionals will be with the patient every step of the way.