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Reduce Your Anxiety About Enclosed Spaces with More an open MRI

If you have been hurt, your doctor is going to need more than what can be observed during an evaluation. A deeper look beneath the surface will help medical professionals have a better understanding of your condition. If you’ve been advised to have an MRI and suffer from Claustrophobia you have another option. An open MRI in Orange Park, FL, can ease your mind while it helps your medical team to find more answers.

Your Comfort Comes First

An open MRI in Orange Park, FL, provides you with more space during your diagnostic evaluation. You won’t feel like you are trapped inside a narrow tube. The main goal is to help you to stay calm while your injury is extensively evaluated. Once your medical professionals look at the results, they’ll explain what your injury involves.

Your Treatment Plan Will be Tailored for You

An open MRI in Orange Park, FL, can be a springboard to your recovery. You’ll be given treatment options which you may have a say in which you prefer or there may be only one direction that is best for you. After your healthcare professionals have taken care of your injury, you will find out what’s next. Pain management is another alternative to give you relief as you heal. Turn to the Injury Care Centers to get everything you need for injury treatment in one place by visiting