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Do You Have Seasonal Symptoms? See an Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY

Do You Have Seasonal Symptoms? See an Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY

Spring showers bring May flowers and itchy eyes, a runny nose, and coughing. People who suffer from allergies may also experience headaches, difficulty breathing, congestion, and hives. Some people may not realize they have allergies and believe that symptoms are due to a cold instead. In a cold, the onset of symptoms is fairly sudden and goes away after one week. With allergies, symptoms will last much longer or may occur intermittently. An Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY can test each person to determine the cause of allergic symptoms.

People who have symptoms in the spring are likely allergic to trees. Deciduous trees produce pollen in the spring which can be carried miles away by the wind. Individuals with tree allergies will find relief on rainy and windless days. Allergic symptoms in the spring may also be due to a mold allergy. Similar to tree pollen, mold spores can be carried long distances by the wind.

Individuals who suffer from symptoms in the summer are probably allergic to grass and weeds. Mold can continue to be a problem during the summer. Reactions to insect stings and fresh produce may also be due to allergies. Like spring allergies, people who suffer from summer allergies will find relief on rainy and windless days.

In mild climates, pollen allergies can produce symptoms year-round. Indoor allergies will also result in year-round symptoms. Symptoms may be more noticeable during the freezing months of winter when more time is spent inside. Common indoor allergens include dust mites, pet dander, and mold. People with indoor allergies may also be allergic to cockroaches.

Treatment for allergies may include medication, allergy injections, and lifestyle changes. Antihistamine and nasal spray may provide sufficient relief from symptoms. Allergy injections serve to help an allergic person become immune to their known allergens. Treatment can take years and will be combined with medication to provide relief until immunity is built up. Indoor allergies are also treated with medication; however, other steps can be taken to provide relief. Limiting carpet and drapes in the home will help. Frequent cleaning and encasing bedding in a product that provides a barrier to allergens will also help.

Allergies can occur seasonally or year-round. Symptoms include congestion, itching, a wheezing. Contact us to see an Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY. The allergist will be able to determine the specific triggers for symptoms and recommend a treatment plan to provide relief.