Some of the Different Types of Transgender Therapy That’s Available

Some of the Different Types of Transgender Therapy That’s Available

Many transgender individuals struggle with their bodies. Because of this, they often turn to therapy. Here are some of the different types of transgender therapy options that are available.

Gender Dysphoria Treatments

It’s not uncommon for some individuals to experience gender dysphoria. This often occurs because they are uncomfortable with the way that their body looks. Fortunately, this can be treated in a variety of different ways such as with hormones, hair removal, or even counseling. Many individuals will need to try a variety of different treatments in order to resolve their gender dysphoria.

Gender Confirmation Surgery

This is a very common transgender therapy to take part in for those that are ready to completely change their gender. It involves reconstructing an individual’s genitalia so that it looks like the gender that they identify with. Before an individual gets this type of surgery, they may need to do a variety of different things like getting a medical examination and completing counseling sessions.

Breast Augmentation

For those that want to get rid of their breasts or even make them larger, they may wind up having breast augmentation. Many individuals find that this type of surgery makes them feel more comfortable in their own bodies.

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