Stem Cell For Knee Pain Expectations

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Stem Cell Preservation

How much is your daily life impacted by pain? Do you skip those long walks or avoid activities that you think will hurt too much? This is not uncommon especially when your knees are suffering damage. Over time, degenerative diseases impact the knees, wearing them down and causing changes in the way you move. You feel it with every step. However, stem cell for knee pain treatment may be able to help you.

What Can Really Happen?

The level of improvement you see will depend on many factors. Most importantly, it depends on the type of injury you have and the timeframe in which you get help. Not all people benefit from stem cell for knee pain, but for those that do, this treatment can be outstanding.

Many people begin to see results within a few weeks. The pain seems less. The inflammation is gone. Then, the body continues to heal. You may experience significant improvement over time. Many people see the maximum benefit at about 12 weeks. You don’t have to feel limited during this recovery time, though. Your body will continue to improve long-term, and you may regain far more movement of your knees than you had before. It could mean no longer having to think about having a knee replacement surgery. You may even see that your quality of life is improving significantly. All of this comes from a single shot of stem cells into your need.

Rejenesis offers some of the most advanced care available. When you come in and meet our team, we will provide you with more information and support to help you see improvement. Contact us today, learn more about stem cell for knee pain and start on your way to see improvement in your quality of life right from the start.

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