The Benefit Of Spiritual Response Therapy

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Health & Wellness

Everyone has an inner critic that is constantly telling them they cannot succeed or they are not good enough at something in their life. This inner critic is self-destructive, robbing you of your ability to move forward and to achieve your goals. In some cases, this inner negativity is blocking many aspects of life, and it may not be something that the individual realizes as the problem.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a healing method designed to identify and remove this negative programming. This negative programming may be deeply rooted in past life energies that are undetected to the individual but create the same negative experiences over and over again until the harmful energy is released.

However, Spiritual Response Therapy can also be used in assisting in the treatment of health issues. Removing negative energy from the body allows for healing. When used in conjunction with professional medical health care and treatments, it provides holistic healing that can enhance the process.

Freeing Yourself From Negative Programming

Practitioners at World Holistic Network offering Spiritual Response Therapy follow a very specific process or protocol. The practitioner uses charts, there are 32 in total, as well a the use of a pendulum to determine the locations of the blocks or negative programming within the individual.

Once a negative program is identified, it is explored and then cleared or released, allowing the flow of energy between the Higher Being or the soul of the individual and the subconscious mind. When these connections are made, the individual gains personal insight and wisdom into the challenges, which creates clarity around the questions and issues brought to the session.

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