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The Benefits of Speech Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Benefits of Speech Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah

The therapeutic field of Speech Therapy in Salt Lake City Utah is primarily concerned with the physical aspects of speech. Difficulties can arise from all kinds of sources, including deafness and neurological problems, acute brain injuries, and developmental delays. But, the main goal for each patient is the same: increasing adult and pediatric patients’ abilities to communicate.

Being able to physically communicate thoughts is an important aspect of maintaining healthy interpersonal interactions. Issues such as lisps and stutters, particularly in children, are very common concerns addressed by speech therapists across the country. These therapists help patients to better understand the physical process of recreating sounds and words using exercises specifically designed to break them down into manageable pieces. These exercises often focus on improving a patient’s muscle coordination through sound repetition and using auditory or visual cues to foster better communication between their brains and the muscles required for speech.

In cases where adequate verbal communication is proving to be a difficult challenge, breathing exercises and augmentative communication devices can be taught to patients as well. Rather than further impairing normal patterns, as some professionals used to think they would, these alternate forms of communication have actually been shown to enhance development. Those suffering from partial deafness, whether congenital or acquired, are also frequently referred to speech therapists. Adults who are encountering recently developed problems with producing clear speech can expect diagnostic help in addition to treatment.

The benefits of being able to produce clear speech are many. As social creatures, people rely on the spoken word to express their ideas, feelings and, often, complex thoughts. This can be a great aid in problem-solving and increased self-esteem and independence. The results will not be immediate, as learning and implementing these helpful exercises takes time and effort on the part of patients and doctors alike, but most patients find that it is worth the investment.

Children who are suffering from speech impairments will see the quickest improvement if they begin speech therapy as early as possible. Looking for a doctor’s office that offers Speech Therapy in Salt Lake City Utah? Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists have years of experience in helping both children and adults to communicate more effectively.