The Many Benefits of a Portable Ultrasound Machine for Home Hospice Use

The Many Benefits of a Portable Ultrasound Machine for Home Hospice Use

Being on bed rest or having a doctor tell you that you need to stay in bed because your illness could cause an early death is never a good thing to hear. However, since the advancement of home hospice care, many patients are allowed to stay at home in a medical-grade bed with proper hospice care provided by visiting nurses. There is a number of other pieces of equipment that may enter your home, but one of the best is a portable ultrasound machine. Here are the benefits of having a portable ultrasound machine as part of your home hospice care.

The Visiting Sonographer or Nurse Can Take Pictures and Send Them to Your Doctor

Whether it’s a tricky pregnancy or an at-risk cardiac issue, the visiting nurse or sonographer can take pictures of the area of your body in question. The machine can store, save, and allow the medical professional to send the images to the doctor and the hospital so that you don’t have to leave your bed at home. The doctor can evaluate from a distance to see how your health or the state of your pregnancy is currently affected.

The Ultrasound Machine Can Be Moved All Around the House

Because these machines are on wheels, the nurses or your family members can move it anywhere in the house. That is very useful if you are not located near the machine when it is necessary to use it. If you would like to buy an ultrasound machine, contact Ultra Select Medical at