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The Usefulness of a Prosthetic Hand in Columbus, OH

The Usefulness of a Prosthetic Hand in Columbus, OH

There are people who are born with birth defects, such as being born without arms and legs or having an extra toe or finger. There are also people who lose their limbs tragically in an accident. In days of old, persons with such defects were often left incapacitated and unable to do much for themselves. At the very least, their ability to do things was inhibited. Thanks to technology, people can now get prosthetic devices that function almost like the natural limbs. There is a company that offers these devices, such as a Prosthetic Hand in Columbus OH. Here are ways in which the prosthetic devices are helpful.

There are four ways in which amputees can deal with their condition: live without any prosthetic aid, live with a passive prosthesis, live with a functional prosthesis or live with a combination of both. The passive prosthetic device is merely for cosmetic purposes. The user can do nothing with the device. The functional prosthesis allows users to utilize the device as they would have their natural body part. For example, a functional prosthetic hand will allow the users to work the device as they would their normal hand.

Of the functional prosthesis, users can elect either the body-powered one or the electric-powered one. The body-powered device is less expensive and lighter on the user. The electric device does not rely on the user’s strength, costs more, but looks more like an arm or hand than the former. The overall usefulness of these devices is that users are empowered to do things for themselves more easily. They do not have to worry about being hindered by a handicap.

Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center, Inc. has been supplying artificial limbs and similar devices for customers for more than 35 years. Services are provided throughout Central Ohio. The company offers prosthetic devices for upper limbs and lower limbs, customized braces, shoe inserts and diabetic footwear. There are practitioners with the company who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist customers or patients. If there are any people interested in a Prosthetic Hand in Columbus OH, the company invites them to visit their website.