The ‘What’ and ‘When’ of Pediatric Urgent Care

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Healthcare

No parent fully anticipates a health emergency with their child but, when it does happen, it can be one of the most frightening things in the world. However, not all health issues warrant scooping your child up and jetting them off to the nearest ER. Sometimes pediatric urgent care in Orange Park FL is fine enough. Do you find yourself feeling puzzled at this suggestion? Many people aren’t entirely sure of the difference between urgent care and the emergency room. This article should clarify the difference, as well as when pediatric urgent care in Orange Park FL is preferable to the ER.

What Is Urgent Care?

As the name implies, the emergency room is mainly for emergencies, life-threatening conditions that must receive treatment as soon as possible. Urgent care is for other medical issues that are of concern to you but aren’t necessarily life-threatening. You will receive much the same care with pediatric urgent care in Orange Park FL, but at a more affordable price and in a smaller facility. This latter point prevents a special advantage. You may be able to receive faster help and have even closer attention paid to your child during their examination.

When Should You Choose Pediatric Urgent Care?

So, when is pediatric urgent care in Orange Park FL the better option? It really depends on what kind of health issue your child is having. A broken bone may be better served at the urgent care center. Profuse bleeding or impaired senses, on the other hand, are more worthy of a trip to the ER. Other cases, such as fevers, can wildly vary depending on your child’s age. If your child has a fever, you really don’t want to rush them to the ER unless they’re a newborn.

As a general guideline, rely on the ER for life-threatening medical problems and pediatric urgent care in Orange Park FL for any minor issues, like fever or an allergenic skin reaction.

If you are actively looking for urgent care, feel free to contact or visit Avecina Medical to locate a pediatric urgent care center near you.

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