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Things to Know About Acne Treatment in Allentown

Things to Know About Acne Treatment in Allentown

While photo retouching software can remove the signs of acne to leave skin looking clear and smooth, it can’t really take them away. Whether it’s a child or an adult experiencing acne problems, the following info can provide help and hope for acne treatment in Allentown.

Acne May Result in Scars

According to information from the National Institute of Health, 95% of acne sufferers see some scarring. Many assume that the severity of the problem determines the extent of the scarring, but that’s not true. Acne has different effects on everyone. In some cases, mild acne can cause deep scars, but for others, severe acne leaves almost no scars at all.

Pitted and Sunken Acne Scars are Common

Acne scars come in various forms. Some people see skin discoloration, and others see raised or sunken scars. Scars that leave skin indentations are by far the most common type.

Scars Can Become More Prominent With Time

Some believe their scars will diminish over time, but in most cases, the opposite applies. For many people, acne scars grow more noticeable with age. Therefore, a person’s acne scars will likely be more visible in their thirties than they were in their twenties.

Multiple Treatment Options Exist

There are numerous treatment methods that work to minimize acne scarring. The treatment recommendations a person receives can vary depending on the severity and location of acne scarring, as well as its type. Resurfacing, dermal fillers, chemical peels, and other treatments are quite common, and in many cases, combining these treatments will provide optimal results.

New Types of Laser Treatments Can Eliminate or Minimize Acne Scars

One of the best ways to reduce or eliminate acne scarring is with laser treatments. As many have discovered, these treatments are very gentle yet effective on the sensitive skin of the face. The practitioner will spray a cooling agent on the skin before and following the treatment, and the laser breaks down the scar tissue. The entire process encourages new skin growth and fills in acne scars.

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