Tips Every Podiatrist in Racine, WI Wishes People Knew

Tips Every Podiatrist in Racine, WI Wishes People Knew

A Podiatrist in Racine WI can help when a person develops foot problems, but there are some things that people can do to guard against bad things happening to their feet. Most people don’t realize that their feet contain over 25 percent of the bones in their bodies. There are also 100 ligaments in each foot. With so much packed into a small place, it’s easy to see how problems can develop.

Get The Right Size For Footwear

Any podiatrist in Racine WI knows how important it is to size shoes correctly. Wearing shoes that are too tight can lead to blisters that can get infected. Tight footwear can also cause chronic conditions over time. Shopping for shoes in the late afternoon or evening is ideal. That’s because the foot will actually swell as the day goes on. Sizing shoes in the morning won’t account for this important factor.

Keep Feet Clean

It’s also important to keep feet clean. That means washing feet daily. Socks need to be changed frequently in order to keep feet clean. When feet are washed, they need to be thoroughly dried. Leaving feet wet or damp can help encourage fungal infections. When in public showers or saunas, it’s good practice to wear sandals to help protect the feet from microorganisms.

Other Helpful Tips

Other things need to be done to protect the feet. When it gets cold in winter, wearing multiple layers of socks is a good idea. It’s always wise to check the temperature before dressing in the winter. If there is going to be a temperature drop during the day, extra socks can be packed and kept in the vehicle. Boots and layered socks can help prevent frostbite if a person’s car were to break down and leave them stranded in freezing weather. Browse our website to find out more about foot care.

Feet do a lot of work. If a person has a job where they have to stand for eight hours or more, they really have to put a lot of effort into caring for their feet. Whenever problems arise, a trip to a doctor should be arranged.