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Treatment for Neuroma in Racine, WI

A Neuroma in Racine WI is swelling in the nerve of the foot that causes burning, pain, or a tingling sensation. It is usually found between the third and fourth toe, but can also cause pain in the ball of the foot. If left untreated, the condition can lead to the need for surgery or cause permanent damage to the nerve. Most of the time, the swelling can be attributed to trauma, compression, or standing on the feet for long periods of time. Care workers, waitresses, and waiters, and construction workers are among the professions with higher rates of neuroma.

It can be difficult to diagnose neuroma because the pain in that area is also be caused by other conditions. An experienced podiatrist can help with a complete and detailed history of the complaint along with a physical examination of the foot. The condition is much more common in women than men due to high heeled shoes. The condition can also be due to shoes that are too tight and do not provide enough room for the toes. If caught early, a change in footwear, altering the amount of time standing in one position, and extra cushioning on the ball of the foot may reduce the swelling and relieve the pain altogether.

Other treatments for Neuroma in Racine WI may include custom-made orthotics, exercises to relieve pressure, and injections to the nerve. Anti-inflammatory medications may also be an option. In severe cases, surgery is needed to sever, or bypass, the nerve to relieve the pain and swelling. Seeking treatment as soon as possible may allow patients to avoid surgery or prevent permanent nerve damage. Patients can Click here for information regarding neuroma, treatments, and to schedule an appointment. New patients will also find forms to fill out to make that first appointment go quicker.

Other issues addressed include hammer toes, adult flatfoot, heel pain, stress fractures, bunions, nail fungus, deformities, disorders, and many other conditions. Experienced podiatrists are also surgeons, which provides continuity of care, increased patient comfort, and comprehensive treatment plans that result in no other referrals needed. Feet take on the weight and pressure of the entire body when walking, standing, or running, so take proper care of them.