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by | Aug 4, 2017 | Health

Treatment for substance abuse can often miss the underlying issues. It’s generally the case that there are mental health issues beneath substance abuse issues, and a recovery plan should address this. For those suffering who receive this dual treatment in Minneapolis is available that includes a tiered approach to recovery in a caring and gender responsive setting.

Two Issues Require Two Converging Paths

The road to recovery is rarely a straight path. Treating a single issue while neglecting an underlying one ignores the unique needs of individuals. Recovery plans should have the needs of the patient in mind and put their needs foremost. Substance abuse issues rarely exist in a vacuum, so resolving them is usually a case of tailoring a multifaceted treatment plan unique to their needs. Treatment of the underlying mental illness that often accompanies substance abuse issues ensures that the road to recovery leads to a place of healing, and lasting wellness.

Treatment of Both Issues Produces Results

Choosing the right care is paramount to recovery. Treating all aspects of the problems faced is essential to achieving lasting success. It’s often the case that substance abuse is just a symptom of the actual issue facing the patient. The mental illness itself must be addressed and treated before healing of the symptoms below the surface can take place. By utilizing this approach, they can begin healing both issues and lead patients in the direction of a true, lasting recovery with a greatly reduced chance of relapsing.

Achieving Lifelong Wellness and Lasting Recovery

It goes without saying the road to recovery can be the difficult journey. For those suffering from an underlying mental health issue, the path can be especially challenging. This is why it is important to choose care that includes dual diagnosis treatment options tailored to a patient’s unique needs. Care should focus on providing the specific plan patients require, and treatment of their entire mind and body.

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