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Two Reasons to Consider Medical Marijuana in San Francisco

Two Reasons to Consider Medical Marijuana in San Francisco

Medical marijuana is a hot topic across the entire country at the moment, especially since there are states in which it is still illegal to consume. That said, there are more than a few reasons why those who receive their legal and valid medical cards benefit greatly from the use of this herb and its many medicinal properties. This treatment option is now quickly taking the place of traditional medications and therapies such as painkillers and medication designed to relieve seizures. Not only is this a highly beneficial option that may replace a wide range of medications in the near future but many aspects of it, such as CBD, are easily extracted and do not cause any changes to the mental state.


A survey taken by HelloMD of 1,400 California residents discovered that 66% of respondents choose to utilize medical marijuana from providers such as Barbary Coast Collective as a primary method of treatment for a variety of ailments. Of those who reported using marijuana in this way, 76% reported that they used it primarily to help reduce and manage the symptoms of anxiety; this is one of the most common reasons why medical marijuana in San Francisco is so popular. Once you consider that there are zero deaths from overdose associated with this treatment option and a large population of consumers regularly using this product, you may find that your eyes are open to the chance to try it.

To Replace Other Things

Of those surveyed, just under 20% reported that they chose marijuana over-consuming alcohol, which is a promising and significant piece of information. Each year, 2,200 people die of alcohol poisoning, and the use of marijuana in its place may very well be the way to drop that number significantly. In addition, marijuana is not a physically addicting drug, meaning that you will not go through any potentially dangerous or life-threatening withdrawals after choosing to reduce your intake or even stopping altogether.