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Urgent Care Wildomar CA Benefits Hospitals and Patients

Hospitals created Urgent Care Wildomar CA centers to relieve the pressure on already over-burdened emergency departments and to reduce costs to the facility. Emergency departments present a huge risk of loss for a facility. Every year, millions of dollars in unpaid emergency room bills have to go to collection and be written off.

The emergency department has to triage and decide quickly which patients need to be seen immediately and who can afford to wait in line. They take the most urgent cases first. If an emergency department is busy dealing with several life-threatening emergency cases, then someone else bringing a child in with a fever is going to have to wait so that someone who needs emergency surgery can be seen first. Patients expecting to be seen with situations that are urgent to them, but that are not priority over other cases, presented an extra stress on employees.

For the patient, Urgent Care Wildomar CA presents several benefits. It’s like a walk-in clinic. No appointment is necessary. It doesn’t cost as much as emergency department care. Emergency department services may easily cost several times the amount of the exact same service when received through the urgent care department instead. The wait time may not be as long, either. Urgent care departments may even be able to provide prescription refills whether a patient is being seen or just ran out of their prescription.

For patient’s convenience, urgent care Wildomar CA departments keep evening and weekend hours to accommodate people with various work schedules, kids in school during the day, and other unavoidable commitments. It gives the patient an opportunity to seek care now instead of the alternative of having to wait for business hours and calling the regular clinic to see if there is any way they can be worked into the schedule for the day. Of course, there’s a chance that the clinic can’t work the patient in. Without the urgent care clinic, the patient’s only option if they need to be seen after-hours is to go to the emergency room.

Especially for patients with kids, the urgent care department isn’t quite the scary place that an emergency department can be to a child. It looks like a doctor’s office waiting room, and the atmosphere is calmer. There is often a children’s table set up with books and small toys. That means a little less stress for a parent, too.

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