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Ways Dental Implants in Charleston, SC Replace Missing Teeth so they Feel and Look Natural

When anyone has missing teeth, it can cause a number of problems. Eating certain foods will often cause pain. Lost teeth can impact the way a person’s smile appears. This can often lead to a person smiling less and becoming labeled as unfriendly or depressed. Often a person may have difficulty speaking certain words or making sounds, and this can contribute to a person’s embarrassment over their condition. Because many people face so many challenges due to lost teeth, finding a good replacement treatment is generally very important to them. One of the most common ways to deal with this issue is by using Dental Implants Charleston, SC.

While there are a number of treatments a person can choose to replace their lost teeth, dental implants are often the most natural looking and feeling option. This is because, unlike other types of replacement treatments, implants are designed to duplicate the structure of a patient’s normal teeth. This makes the process easier for a patient to adapt to and more comfortable fitting as well.

Dental Implants Charleston, SC are designed to use a metal rod as an artificial tooth root. The rod is surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone. Before a tooth or dental appliance is attached to the rod, it must first become bonded to the jawbone. This creates a stable foundation in much the same way as a normal tooth root does in the mouth. This helps to anchor the dental appliance and prevents slipping from happening.

After the rod is bonded, the dentist will attach natural looking dental crowns, bridges or dentures to the rods. These dental appliances are permanently attached, and this helps to keep them stable as well. Because there are no added pieces that cover the roof of the patient’s mouth or gums, the new teeth feel much like natural teeth. This makes it easier for a person to smile, eat and talk without worry.

Dealing with missing teeth can be a problem for most people. By choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth, a person will have a solution that looks and feels natural. For more information, please contact Solomon Family Dentistry.