What to expect from alcohol rehab

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Healthcare

Alcohol rehab focuses on, and treats, both the physical and psychological addiction to alcohol. Rehab begins with detox which rids the body of alcohol; then, through effective counseling it gets to the root of the issues that contribute to the dependency on the substance. The final stage of alcohol rehab in Utah is aftercare which is designed to assist the individual back into normal society without relapse and a return to their addiction.

Alcohol rehab can be either inpatient or outpatient. As the term implies an outpatient rehab program takes place in a rehab center during the day, the individual undergoing rehabilitation returns to his or her home during the evening, returning again the following day. Outpatient treatments are usually reserved for those patients whose dependency has not yet reached a critical, life-threatening stage. Those with severe addiction are those that usually opt for residential treatment.

When a person first enters a rehab center the first step is detoxification. As their system is suffering from excessive amounts of alcohol, the detox process gives the body a chance to rid itself of the toxins. As the patient is accustomed to having inordinate levels of alcohol in their system there is a very good chance that during the first few days they will suffer from withdrawal; the symptoms of withdrawal include excessive sweating, chills, deep depression and wild mood swings. The time frame to completely rid the system from the effects of alcohol varies depending a great deal on the extent of the addiction and dependency.

Once the patient has completed the physical detox process; alcohol rehab in Utah moves on the next stage, which is working on the psychological effects of addiction. The patient will meet with and spend time in the presence of a counselor; during these sessions he or she will be encouraged to discuss any specific events in their past or choices were made that lead to the addiction. Through ongoing counseling, the patient will be offered solutions to the psychological and behavioral issues that have manifested. As well as meeting one-on-one with professional counselors the patient will meet other recovering alcoholics in a group session where they can share common experiences with others going through a similar rehab process.

Once the patient has regained sobriety and has a better understanding of their addiction issues, the main thrust of the rehab program is over. Upon discharge from rehab and a return to society it is recommended that recovering alcoholic attend meetings with a counselor and others that are also on the road to recovery from the effects of alcoholism. For more information visit Alpine Recovery Lodge.

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