What to Expect From Audiologic Testing in Lancaster, PA

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Health

Hearing loss can be a devastating medical problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Modern technology provides a whole array of practical solutions for patients with everything from tinnitus to even severe hearing loss. The only way to determine which solution is best for any individual patient is through audiologist testing in Lancaster, PA. These diagnostic tests require that patients schedule an appointment with a dedicated audiologist, such as those employed by Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster. Knowing what is involved in these diagnostic tests can help remove any anxiety that may be preventing patients from scheduling an appointment and help them know what to expect. Below is a brief run-down of what kinds of tests a doctor will perform and what information a patient will be expected to provide during the appointment.

Detailed Medical History

The first thing an audiologist will do is to review the patient’s relevant medical history. This includes both the patient’s own health history and that of his or her immediate family members. Make a point of sharing information about any former or pre-existing balance problems, vertigo, acute or chronic ear infections, pain, prior surgeries, or exposure to loud sounds.

Lifestyle Assessment

To help patients choose the right treatment plan for hearing loss, audiologists need to know about their patients’ lifestyles. This includes hobbies (particularly if they expose the patient to lots of noise), physical activities, and employment. It’s important to be honest and realistic when answering these questions, as they are intended to help the doctor choose an appropriate device to meet a patient’s lifestyle needs.

Hearing Tests

A basic hearing test involves a visual examination of the ears using an otoscope and bone conduction testing to help determine what element of the ear is failing to perform as needed. These tests are non-invasive and painless, so there is no reason to be nervous. A pure tone test will also be administered during which patients listen to tones and raise their hands when they hear a sound. Word discrimination tests are also used to measure comprehension levels. If more advanced audiologic testing in Lancaster, PA is required, a second appointment will be made.

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