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When to Bring a Child to See a Pediatric Allergist in Starkville MS

When to Bring a Child to See a Pediatric Allergist in Starkville MS

Even adults sometimes have trouble distinguishing between allergy symptoms and cold symptoms. It’s even more difficult for children to know the difference, all they know is they don’t feel good, and they want to feel better. As parents, it’s important to know when it’s time to call a Pediatric Allergist in Starkville MS.

Pay Attention to When Symptoms Start

If a child experiences cold symptoms every year around the same time, and if these systems last for a week or two, it may not be a cold at all. Symptoms may include sinus pressure, congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes. Many of the same symptoms as one would get with the common cold. Take notes as to when symptoms begin to see if it could be the result of seasonal allergies. If a pattern is noticed, it’s time to see a Pediatric Allergist in Starkville MS.

Itchy rashes

If the child has itchy, dry patches, it could be caused by allergies. Eczema often flares up during exposure to an allergen. Hives are raised, itchy bumps that are often caused by allergens. If a child breaks out in hives, take note of what the child ate, and touched prior to the outbreak.


When a child experiences asthma symptoms, the cause could be allergens. It’s best to rule out allergies as a cause by seeing an allergy doctor. If the asthma symptoms are caused by allergens, you may be able to reduce the symptoms by avoiding the cause.

Symptoms of Eating

If a child feels sick, breaks out in hives, begins wheezing, sneezing, or sniffling, a food allergy could very well be the culprit.

Bringing the child in to see an allergy doctor is the best way to help your child feel better and enjoy life more. Allergies can make it difficult to play outside, or even feel well inside the home. An allergy doctor can help alleviate the symptoms so children can take part in the activities they enjoy. The allergy doctor has specialized knowledge of allergies and how to treat them. Learn more about us and how we can help.