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Why a Diabetic Ulcer Treatment in Joliet IL Should Not be Delayed

Why a Diabetic Ulcer Treatment in Joliet IL Should Not be Delayed

People living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes know that circulation issues can develop over time. This is especially true with the feet and lower legs. The loss of sensation makes it necessary to pay closer attention to any type of wound in those areas. In the event that any type of ulceration takes place, it pays to seek Diabetic Ulcer Treatment in Joliet ILas quickly as possible. Here are some of the reasons why delays are not an option.

Finding Out How Severe the Situation Happens to Be

Foot and leg ulceration for diabetics falls into two basic categories. The majority can be treated and will heal completely. Others will remain open but must be cleaned and dressed on a regular basis. A physician who knows how to properly assess the severity of the ulcer will know what course of treatment to pursue.

Starting the Treatment Process

The actual process of Diabetic Ulcer Treatment in Joliet IL will begin with thoroughly cleaning the open sore. Depending on the amount of sensation the patient still has in the area, this may not produce any pain at all. Even if there is still some sensation, the discomfort will be minimal in comparison to what the ulcer is already causing. Once the area is cleaned thoroughly, the physician will apply dressing along with ointments designed to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and encourage healing.

At one time, people thought that leaving the ulcer exposed to the open air would speed up the healing. That is discouraged today. Instead, the approach is to change the dressings at least daily. If there is a fair amount of discharge, it is permissible to change the dressing more often. Browse here to know more.

Checking Back With the Doctor

The physician will want to take a second look at the ulcer within a week or so after the initial treatment. The goal is to check the status and make sure the best possible results are taking place. During this visit, the doctor may alter the original advice for keeping the area clean, depending on those results.

Remember that Diabetic Ulcer Treatment in Joliet IL is essential to preventing more problems from developing. For anyone experiencing this problem, contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL at once. Doing so will mean less pain and a better chance at keeping the foot or leg for more years.