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Why a Pedicure in Philadelphia is as Important in December as it is in July

Why a Pedicure in Philadelphia is as Important in December as it is in July

Many people schedule a Pedicure in Philadelphia just prior to sandal season or before a tropical vacation. Everyone wants their feet to look their best when the weather warms up and the shoes come off. However, there is no reason to not have a pedicure throughout the year. A well-groomed pair of feet is always nice to have and there are health benefits to this cosmetic treatment as well.

Pedicures keep the feet soft and moisturized. This helps to keep calluses away and prevents dry skin, itching and cracking. This is even more important during the winter months when the lack of humidity in the air causes the skin to become dry and uncomfortable. The feet do not get the same level of attention as the hands by most people because they are tucked away in socks and shoes. Many people need to reapply hand moisturizer repeatedly throughout the day to combat dry skin, but their feet are neglected. This is why an extra salon appointment, just for them, can make a huge difference.

Having a pedicure in Philadelphia will also include a foot massage. This is a wonderfully relaxing way to improve circulation in the feet. A good massage can help to reduce overall foot discomfort and relieve pain in the joints of the feet. Foot reflexology can even improve the overall feeling of well-being in the body. Medical studies have shown that reflexology helps to alleviate stress, can reduce anxiety and may even improve sleep.

Scheduling a pedicure also means choosing a location that is safe and clean. Good sanitation practices and a knowledgeable staff help to avoid the risk of infections. Beautiful You by Christine is an award-winning salon with certified professionals that follow all of the precautions necessary to make certain their equipment is always properly sanitized. All customers are provided with the best possible care from an attentive staff during every visit. Make an appointment just for a pedicure or add this service along with a routine salon appointment. A monthly pedicure is a great reward for working hard and an affordable indulgence that everyone, male or female, will enjoy.