Why Seniors Install Stairlifts in Pittsburgh, PA Homes

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Health

It is becoming common for elderly Pittsburgh residents to stay in their homes for life instead of moving into nursing homes or even senior communities. Many are able to age in place even if they live in multi-story homes. The wealthiest seniors install elevators, but most people cannot afford that luxury and typical homes do not have the space. Seniors often solve the problems by installing custom Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA homes. That gives them more independence and creates a safer environment. Professionals like McArdle Surgical offer a range of lifts that are suited to a variety of needs.

Residents Increase Their Independence

Otherwise healthy seniors often move into nursing homes simply because they are no longer able to get around their homes. Even if they hire caregivers, help is not always available when they are stuck on one floor and need to get to another. Installing Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA homes solves the problem. Residents who have some mobility issues that make stair climbing nearly impossible gain their freedom once they have a lift.

Moving Between Floors Is Safer

Clients also order stairlifts to make their homes safer. In addition to improving their mobility, the lifts help prevent accidents. It is common for homeowners to have lifts installed before they are needed. Many seniors who want to remain in their homes for life use stairlifts to protect their health as they go about daily tasks like carrying laundry up or down stairs, or moving groceries. Even healthy seniors may become a little less agile as they age and a broken bone can be a catastrophe.

There Are Stairlifts for Every Need

The professionals who provide residential stairlifts offer several models, so it is easy for clients to find one that suits their needs. For example, there are lifts designed to fit straight and curved stairways. Seniors can choose outdoor lifts that give them access to stairs on their property. Each model comes with controls that let users move stairlifts remotely and even hide them when not in use.

Residential stairlifts are becoming popular among seniors who want to remain in their homes for life. Installing a lift keeps users safe and increases their independence. There are several types of lifts, making it easy for clients to find one that suits them. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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