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Why Would a Doctor Order a Bone Density Scan in Riverhead, NY?

Why Would a Doctor Order a Bone Density Scan in Riverhead, NY?

Physicians seek to ensure their clients enjoy the highest possible health. In order to achieve that goal, tests are a normal part of the routine. From time to time, there are indications that a Bone Density Scan Riverhead NY is in order. Here are some of the situations that would prompt a medical professional to order the scan.

Monitoring the Impact of Medications

Some medications can have an adverse effect on bone density. While this side effect is less likely with short-term use, taking one of those medications for several months could impact the density of the bones and leave the patient at greater risk for fractures. One of the best ways to monitor the situation is to order a Bone Density Scan Riverhead NY from time to time.

Decrease in Hormone Levels

A noticeable drop in hormone levels does require several tests, including a scan to determine the current status of bone density. Depending on the age, gender, and the change in hormone levels, some type of hormone replacement therapy may be needed.

Loss in Height

When an individual loses close to two inches in height, that strongly indicates the presence of compression fractures in the spine. The best way to find out if this is the case is to arrange a scan and determine if there is a change in bone density and stability.

Bones Break Easily

As the bone density decreases, the patient is more likely to fracture or break a bone. Even tasks that could be done with ease in times past are now impossible due to the risk of sustaining a break. In some cases, the presence of a condition like osteoporosis will be the reason for the loss in bone strength and density. Using a scan to diagnose the underlying cause paves the way for treatment and hopefully a restoration of density.

While health issues that affect the bones can occur at any age, people who are over 50 are at a greater risk. Visit and learn more about bone density scans and how the results can be used to improve the quality of life.