3 Effective Therapies for Treating Glaucoma in St. Augustine, FL

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Optometrists

Glaucoma is a progressive eye condition characterized by the gradual loss of vision. It’s usually caused by excess fluid buildup within the eye, which puts pressure on the optic nerve, eventually damaging it. Once glaucoma is diagnosed, it’s too late to restore any vision that’s already been lost, but treatment can slow or stop the damage. Here are three treatment options that are commonly used to treat glaucoma.
Effective Therapies for Treating Glaucoma

  1. Eyedrops

Medicated eyedrops can be prescribed by an ophthalmologist in St. Augustine to encourage drainage of excess fluid. This alleviates the pressure inside of the eye and protects the optic nerve from sustaining more damage.

  1. Laser Surgery

Laser surgery treats glaucoma by targeting the cells blocking fluid from draining out of the eyes. The results of this procedure can last up to five years, but it can safely be repeated. Laser surgery is usually recommended to patients who are unable to use medicated eye drops.

  1. Surgery

Surgical interventions for glaucoma include creating a tiny incision at the top of the eye or implanting a tiny shunt to drain excess fluid. The end goal is to decrease eye pressure. Your surgeon will evaluate your condition to decide which procedure will work best for your case.
Prevention Is Key

Early detection can stop glaucoma before it progresses to vision loss. This is one reason to make regular eye exams a priority. If you need an ophthalmologist in St. Augustine, contact Florida Eye Specialists.

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