3 Facts About Optometrists

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Optical

If you do not require eyeglasses or contacts, you probably do not visit an optometrist for a yearly check up. Most people only visit this eye specialist when they notice there could be something odd happening with their eyes. While it is true that an Optometrist Edina deals with vision care and eye-related diseases, this medical professional can also help ward off potential eye problems.

Here are three optometrist facts to consider.


An optometrist is tasked with several duties. For every patient they see, they must perform a comprehensive eye exam. Before they can make any recommendations or provide any solutions, they must be able to understand what is happening with the patient’s eyes at that moment. Vision tests help an optometrist reach the best conclusion. With the help of the tests, they are searching for signs of glaucoma, whether eyesight correction solutions are necessary or if health issues could affect the vision. Diabetes, for example, can cause eye problems, too. An optometrist is also trained to handle eye-related emergencies.

Education and Training

To become an optometrist, a person must earn an undergraduate degree, first. It is recommended that the person study pre-medical or biological sciences. Three years of a post-secondary education are then required. Finally, an optometrist to be completes an OD program with an emphasis on chemistry, biology and math. Once a residency program has been completed, you must apply for and receive a license in order to be allowed to practice.

Necessary Skills

A successful optometrist will be an active listener. They will also be able to communicate verbally. An optometrist will possess problem solving skills and critical thinking abilities as well as superior interpersonal skills.

To become an Optometrist Edina, education requirements must be fulfilled. A successful optometrist will possess a specialized skill set, too.

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