Benefits of Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Healthcare

For those with mobility issues, staircases can pose serious safety concerns. Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA provides a perfect solution. Read on to find out why it’s a good idea for all seniors in the Pittsburgh area to have stairlifts installed in their homes.

Prevent Injuries

Navigating sets of stairs can be dangerous for those who aren’t steady on their feet. Just one misplaced foot can lead to potentially serious injuries, but installing a stairlift will eliminate the risk of injuries entirely. Some stair lifts even come with seat belts and other advanced safety features.

Full Access to the Home

Many seniors assume that if they can’t safely navigate their homes’ stairs, they should be living on the bottom floor. There’s no reason to close down half the home, though. With Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA, seniors and residents with mobility issues can ensure full access to their houses even if they span multiple floors.

Ease of Use

Stairlift manufacturers design their products with consumers in mind, which is why they’re usually very easy to use. They feature simple controls and comfortable seats. Some chair lifts even come with multiple keyed remotes, which makes it possible to move the chair up and down the staircase should more than one person need to use it.

An Affordable Option

Aging in place can be expensive if consumers have to hire full-time home aids. Stairlifts are relatively affordable and provide a permanent solution to ongoing mobility issues. Plus, they help to restore seniors’ senses of independence since they facilitate movement around the house without the help of family members or trained aids.

Versatile Installation Options

Have a curved staircase and worried about whether a stairlift will be a good fit? Don’t be. It may take a little longer to install the track to fit the staircase’s custom specifications, but most manufacturers have no problem fabricating custom rails for customers with unusual home setups.

Learn More Today

Stairlifts aren’t the only mobility aids that have been rising in popularity among aging populations. McArdle Surgical sells a wide variety of mobility aids, ranging from stairlifts and chair lifts to bathing aids and more. Visit their website to learn about their products and services or call to schedule a stairlift installation today. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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