Choosing the Best CPAP Mask in Fort Lauderdale, FL for Your Needs

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health, Health Care

Sleep apnea is a common disorder that can interrupt your sleep and impact your overall health. One of the most common and effective treatment options for sleep apnea is using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. A CPAP machine helps ensure that your airway stays open when you sleep. Your sleep specialist will help you choose which of the following types of CPAP masks in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is best suited for your unique apnea situation.

Full Face CPAP Masks

A full-face CPAP mask covers both your nose and your mouth, making it an excellent choice if you breathe through your mouth while you sleep. The full-face CPAP mask creates a firm seal around the nose and mouth, ensuring that the specially pressurized air from your CPAP machine is delivered to your airways effectively. These masks are available in various styles and sizes to suit your individual needs.

Nasal CPAP Masks

Another type of face mask that you can order from a medical supply company is a nasal CPAP mask. Unlike the full-face CPAP mask, the nasal mask only covers your nose. Some people find that nasal masks are lighter than full-face masks and are a good choice if you breathe through your nose instead of your mouth when you sleep. Like full-face CPAP masks, nasal masks are available in different sizes and styles so that you can find the mask that fits best and suits your needs.

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