Does My Child Need Pediatric Emergency Care?

by | May 9, 2019 | Health

In some cases, your child’s regular pediatrician can take care of emergency situations. As an example, many pediatricians are capable of providing urgent care services for minor fractures and lacerations. However, in some cases, your child may need services that go above and beyond this. It can be complicated to determine exactly where to take your child who needs pediatric emergency care in North Charleston, SC.

Finding Emergency Pediatric Care

There are emergency pediatricians located in many different settings. These individuals are tasked with working in places that specialize in offering emergency care for teens and children. This can include everywhere from your local hospital’s emergency room to teaching hospitals, urgent care centers, and community hospitals. It’s also best to speak with your pediatrician about who to contact and when if an emergency comes up. This will ensure you follow the best procedures for the care of your child.

How Are Pediatric Emergency Doctors Trained?

Every pediatrician has gone through a minimum of four years of medical school. In addition to this, the individual has also undertaken at least three years of residency training in emergency medicine or pediatric emergency medicine. This doctor will also have spent at least two years in fellowship training and will be certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine or American Board of Pediatrics.

What Do Emergency Pediatricians Do?

When you need pediatric emergency care in Charleston, SC, that’s where an emergency pediatrician comes in. These doctors are capable of doing the following things:

  • Education and research in pediatric emergency medicine
  • Handling medical emergencies properly
  • Assisting with anxiety and pain associated with a medical emergency
  • Offering treatment to meet the needs of children, infants, young adults, and needs
  • Finding problems in kids who may not be cooperative and patient

Prepare in Advance

Emergencies can’t be planned so the best option you have is to speak with your pediatrician about the steps to take during a medical emergency. This will make an emergency less stressful because you have a plan that you can put into action immediately.

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