Entrusting Your Cataracts Surgery in Nocatee to Experienced Physicians

by | May 4, 2021 | Optometrists

As you get older, your vision can get progressively worse. Conditions like cataracts can make it difficult to see well enough to carry out routine tasks like reading and driving.

Instead of losing your independence and suffering from poor vision, you can restore your eyesight by undergoing outpatient treatments. You can eliminate poor vision by getting prompt cataracts surgery in Nocatee.

Minimally Invasiveness

When you schedule this operation, you may worry about how invasive it will be and what your recovery period will entail afterward. The surgery today is relatively painless and minimally invasive. It is designed to spare you intense pain and a prolonged recovery.

Further, the operation can be carried out without you having to be placed under general anesthesia. The eye surgeon will numb your eye using topical eye drops. You will not feel any incisions being made.

The operation takes about an hour or less to complete. You may be given a medication to help you relax during it. After the surgery is over, you will remain under observation for a half-hour or shorter to ensure that you do not suffer any side effects like bleeding. Once you are stable, you will be sent home with antibiotic eye drops and instructions on how to recover safely and effectively.

Cataract surgery in Nocatee can restore your vision and give you back your independence. You can find out more by contacting Florida Eye Specialists – Southside at https://www.floridaeyespecialists.com/.

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