Finding Jaw Pain Relief in Estevan After Temporomandibular Joint Surgery

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Health

Temporomandibular disorders cause severe jaw pain when a person opens the mouth wide. The problem may become serious enough that the individual has to have corrective surgery. After an operation to resolve jaw pain in Estevan, physiotherapy is important for speeding healing and reducing discomfort during the process. The therapy also decreases muscle tightness and the development of scar tissue.

Exercises and Posture

To relieve discomfort after surgery, the therapist or therapy assistant teaches the patient exercises that strengthen and improve flexibility in muscles around the jaw. Exercising the temporomandibular joint in specific ways increases range of motion and prevents scar tissue from forming. The therapist shows the patient proper posture for the jaw to make sure the joint stays in alignment.

Other Strategies

Physical therapists who treat post-operative jaw pain in Estevan use other strategies as well.

Ultrasound Therapy and TENS

Ultrasound therapy sends high-frequency sound waves to the joint, which boosts circulation. Improved blood flow brings healing oxygen and nutrients to the area. This also reduces pain and swelling.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) has similar effects. Applying a mild electrical current to the affected area is believed to disrupt pain signals.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Physiotherapists can explain how to best use heat and cold therapy at home. Alternating between these strategies improves circulation and decreases pain and swelling. Patients might use an electric heating pad or a hot water bottle for warmth. An ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables held against the jaw can function as cold therapy.

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