Five Medical Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Health

Most everyone realizes the importance of yearly health examinations with their Medical Doctor in Andover Kansas. Aside from seeing their doctor once a year, a person also needs to monitor any symptoms to stay on top of their health. If these five symptoms are experienced, a person needs to seek immediate medical care.

Five Medical Symptoms a Person Should Never Ignore

  *      When a person suddenly has difficulty breathing, they need to seek care from their Medical Doctor in Andover Kansas. A sudden onset of breathing difficulty could mean a person is having a heart attack or a stroke, so this symptom should never be ignored.

  *      Pain in the chest and upper abdominal area should never be overlooked because these can be a sign of heart attack. If the pain comes on without warning and is not relieved with rest, a person needs to seek medical attention so the cause can be found.

  *      Fainting is not normal, and the cause needs to be discovered to rule out serious health issues. Fainting could be caused by a neurological disorder, among other issues, and needs to be addressed right away.

  *      Severe headaches need to be checked by the doctor. When a person is experiencing what they would call the worst headache of their life, it could be a sign of a stroke or an aneurysm, and both can be life-threatening.

  *      Sudden changes in vision can be a sign of a life-threatening health condition. A medical professional needs to evaluate a patient’s symptoms and health to determine what is causing the vision changes.

Prompt Medical Care Protects a Person’s Health

A person needs to make sure they seek prompt care if they are experiencing any of the above symptoms. Waiting too long could place a person’s health in danger and further complicate their medical crisis.

A thorough health examination and testing will allow a doctor to stay on top of the patient’s health and protect them. If you are in need of medical care and would like to schedule an appointment, Click here. You can also call the office and discuss your symptoms with the triage nurse.

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