Frequently Asked Questions About In Vitro In San Antonio

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Health

In Texas, women and men undergo testing and procedures to increase their chances of conception. They visit a fertility specialist when they experience difficulties in conceiving a child. These specialists offer the necessary procedures to correct these issues. The following are frequently asked questions about In Vitro in San Antonio TX.

Where Does the Process Start?

The process begins with the acquisition of samples. The fertility specialist must evaluate these samples to determine where the issue originated. Once they identify the exact problem, they may schedule procedures to correct it when possible. If these procedures cannot correct the condition, they may determine that in vitro is the best option.

What are the Steps for In Vitro?

In vitro begins with hormone treatments and the administration of fertility medications. After these treatments, the fertility specialist examines the samples again. They acquire additional samples to attempt to fertilize eggs in a lab setting. Once the eggs are fertilized and reproduction is successful, the couple has up to forty-eight hours to implant the embryo into the mother. The fertility specialist monitors the progress of the implantation to ensure that a viable embryo is produced.

For What Reason Will the Costs Increase?

The cost of the process increases each time that the process is repeated. These treatments cost on average of the treatment is $12,000 for each procedure. For this reason, the fertility specialist may acquire several samples to simulate reproduction.

What Happens if Either Sample Isn’t Viable?

When one of the samples isn’t viable, the fertility specialist may acquire samples from donors. The couple reviews all information about these donors. They choose the donor they prefer based on certain factors related to them. The fertility specialist will test the samples to determine viability.

In Texas, women and men undergo tests to evaluate their fertility. These assessments define where issues exist that are preventing natural reproduction. They enable the specialist to determine what treatments are most suitable for increasing reproduction possibilities. These treatments may involve fertility medications. Couples who want to try In Vitro in San Antonio TX contact a specialist or learn more about us today.

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