Hospice versus Palliative Care Services in Eastman, GA

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Health

When searching for care for those with terminal illnesses, you may find that your options are limited. Care for individuals with terminal illnesses can be very intense, which is why you’ll need to seek the right care for your loved one. However, there are options out there to suit you and your needs. Hospice and palliative care are available for those who are terminally ill.

When it comes to choosing care, you’ll want to learn more about the difference between services. While hospice and palliative care are similar, there are a few key differences. To learn more, here is a quick comparison guide of hospice versus palliative care services in Eastman, GA.


With most hospice care services and facilities, you need to be terminal or within six months of death to be eligible for hospice. With palliative care services, there is no restrictions and care can be received at any stage of illness, terminal or otherwise.


Hospice care can be received in a facility or in a hospital, but it is not the norm. In-home care is more common for hospice care. With palliative care, teams are made up of doctors, nurses, and other professional medical caregivers. This kind of care is most often delivered in a facility such as a nursing home or another facility for palliative care services.


The primary intention of hospice care is to focus on comfort rather than aggressive abatement of any disease or any illness, giving patients the ability to make the most of their remaining time with family and friends. Palliative care differs here since it is designed for all types of patients and can provide life-prolonging treatment as well.

While these are general rules, there are exceptions for both care types. Visit the website to learn more.

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