Pet Boarding Services in Richmond, TX Give Pet Owners Extra Peace of Mind

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Health

If you need to take a holiday or go a business trip, but worry about the care of your pet, you can obtain the needed assistance through pet boarding services in Richmond, TX. By doing so you can ensure that your dog will be well taken care of while you are away which will give you the peace of mind you need.

Obtaining the Proper Care When You Are Away

Places such as the Business Name offer pet boarding while pet owners take a vacation or leave for whatever reason. These kinds of services are especially beneficial for taking care of pets that need certain medicines. Caregivers make sure that animals receive prescribed medications and that they receive the proper nourishment.

Pet Grooming

When pet boarding is provided, you can also arrange for daily grooming. To keep a pet clean and reduce the amount of shedding, frequent brushing is suggested. It is also helpful to have the pet checked for fleas or ticks during the summer. Most dogs; however, do not need to be bathed more than a couple of times a year. If bathing is needed, animal caregivers will usually comb or cut out tangles from the fur. They follow up by rinsing the soap out of the coat to ensure that the dirt does not stick to the soapy residue.

What to Take with You if You Go with Your Dog on Vacation

If you decide to take a dog on vacation with you, you need to make sure that you stay at a dog-friendly hotel. A pet surcharge is usually charged to the pet owner. Make sure your dog has the following items:

* Premium quality treats and dog food
* Collapsible food and water dishes
* Toys, including safe chew toys
* Comb and brush for grooming, including a flea comb
* Leash
* A carrier for smaller pets
* Dog bed with a warm blanket or a towel

When traveling with your pet make sure he is outfitted with a collar, ID tag, and license.

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